Pastor and Staff

Pastor & Staff

Our Pastor

Ps Ben Pfeiffer commenced his ministry at St Marks on 29th July 2017

Congregation Chairman

Ian Pfeiffer

Ian is our current Congregation Chairperson from 2020, he can be reached by contacting the St Marks Church office – 08 8391 1695

Worship Coordinator

Sharon Heyne

Sharon is the Worship Coordinator  researches and prepares Power Point presentation for worship services. Her role in the ministry program development and co-ordination of the congregation is a critical component in the congregation’s mission.

Contact phone  08 8391 1695.


Office Secretary

Erica Launer

Erica is our friendly church office secretary and can be contacted at the Church office for information related to Church services, Church facilities or any other related matter.

Ph. 08 8391 1695



Janice Cecil

Janice has worked in a voluntary role for a number of years maintaining all church and member records in Pastoral Care software. Her thorough checking of  details has now provided a comprehensive database of details which will assist in the ministry program of the congregation.

St Mark’s Lutheran School Principal

James Heyne

As School Principal, James plays a vital role in the education ministry of the congregation. The very strong relationship that exists between congregation members, school staff and parents is testament to this. Many members provide voluntary support to the school’s curriculum program and mentoring and support programs and is highly valued.
As the school is co-located, the church facilities are used regularly for chapel services and other curriculum programs.
School Contact: 08 8391 0444