To remain in my love To keep my commands To be my friends
The Hard Road The Clear Road The Joyful Road

The Good Shepherd

The potential of sheep ~ The problem of sheep ~ The purpose of the shepherd ~ The plan of the shepherd

See What Great Love

Who we are Who we will be Who He is
The receptive ~ The resistant ~ The relevance
Into death Into life Into the unknown
Download the PDF sermon notes to view the images. Download the audio sermon for offline listening. In the sermon notes read the enclosed bible reading, then in the audio recording wait for response, "We…

The Triumphal Entry

The humble text The humble crowd The humble king
10.30am Service of the Word - Yr 3 students - 18.03.2018 To seek Him ~ To see Him ~ To serve Him

The 3:16 Promise

10.30am Holy Communion - 11.03.2018 He loves He gave We believe We live
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