The permanent priesthood The permanent intercession The permanent attributes The permanent sacrifice
The nature of the priesthood The appointment of Jesus The unusual training ground
The repetition of the word The razor sharpness of the word The response to the word
Words of God ~ Words for the imagination ~ Words from the Old Testament ~ Words of finality

In Jesus’ Name

What others do in Jesus’ name What we do in Jesus’ name Finding peace in Jesus’ name

The way of Christ

The way of deep deliverance The way of unusual greatness The way of selfless service
The weary world The well-instructed tongue The word of our Sovereign Lord
In favouritism In unfavourable circumstances In the new creation
The gift of the law ~ The direction of the law ~ The reflection of the law ~ The fulfilment of the law
Who can accept it? What if you see...? Will you go too? To whom shall we go?
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