Sin brings God's fiery judgement Jesus was appointed to suffer that judgement in our place He baptises us with the Holy Spirit and the fire of cleansing
Confidence in the self ~ Confidence in the surrounds ~ Confidence in the scriptures ~ Confidence in the Saviour

Jesus in the temple

Didn't you know I had to be in my father's house?

God With Us

The promise of His presence The precarious nature of His presence The power of His presence  

The First Christmas

Original poem by Pastor Ben based on the carol, "Once in Royal David's City"
The minor prophet The minor place The major origin The major impact
The fruit of humility The fruit of generosity The fruit of contentment The fruit of expecting Christ
The world of the prophet The word of the prophet The way of the prophet
Stand up and lift your heads Know the kingdom is near Take care and do not be weighed down Watch and pray