Come and follow me

From Darkness to Light From Sinful life to Kingdom life From Shallow Faith to Deep Discipleship From Coming to Going Apologies, that there is no audio recording for this sermon.…

The Lamb of God

Lay reading read by Mark Frost
The human predicament (because of sin) Jesus the King came to save all How we may find Him (Better: How He finds us!)
The best of humanity ~ The worst of humanity ~ The blessing of God for humanity

Seek the Messiah

A short poem written by Pastor Ben based on the wise mens's journey in Matthew 2 and the australian classic Waltzing Matilda.
The offer of a sign The refusal for a sign The gift of the sign  
Thank you to Pastor Matt Anker, Assistant to the Bishop for Mission for his message.

The God of Hope

Hope through the Scriptures Hope of the Nations Hope in the Root of Jesse
The things we cannot know The judgement we cannot see The one we cannot do without

Christ the King

The King gives The King goes The King returns