St Mark’s Lutheran Church Vision Statement

St Mark’s Lutheran Church Vision Statement

Adopted May 2022


To know Christ in his word and make Christ known in his world. (Phil 3:10-12, John 17:3)


We gather in Jesus’ name, grow through his word and sacraments, and share his love with others.


By the grace of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we seek to fulfil this mission and vision through a life of worship, spiritual growth, Christian care, school ministry and reaching out.

  1. Worship

    1. We prioritise Sunday worship as integral to our communal life
    2. We continue to explore and implement a rich program of worship, including combined services
    3. We encourage members to use their gifts to enhance our worship life, with a focus on our young members and those gifted in music, technology and visual arts
    4. We explore other worship opportunities that help ‘make Christ known’
  2. Spiritual Growth

    1. We prioritise the spiritual growth of our members and contacts
    2. We encourage the Christian education and nurture of our children and youth
    3. We promote opportunities for members to engage in Bible study
    4. We increase opportunities, involvement and congregational focus of small groups
  3. Christian Care

    1. We prioritise Christian care of both members and contacts
    2. We identify the current care activities and the gaps that exist
    3. We ensure effective communication between those people and groups with responsibility for care
    4. We increase awareness of available support for the sake of those in need
  4. School Ministry

    1. We prioritise and build on the current strong bond between St Marks Lutheran Church and St Mark’s Lutheran school
    2. We work to establish or reestablish ministry activities that enhance this connection
    3. We actively support the St Mark’s School Mission and Ministry subcommittee
    4. We look to develop stronger links with Cornerstone College
  5. Reaching Out

    1. We prioritise and encourage members to see their own vocation and witness, as part of God’s mission in the world
    2. We encourage members to identify and use their gifts to serve inside and outside the church
    3. We identify key opportunities for local mission, including exploration of church planting and church/school partnership at Aston Hills
    4. We commit annually to an overseas mission project or focus