Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled

Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled

Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled

Welcome to Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled Inc.

The organisation now known as Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled Inc. (HVLSD) was born out of the bitter personal experiences of Mrs. Betty Sickel, a member of St Mark’s Lutheran congregation at Mount Barker. She bequeathed land she owned on Sims Road Mount Barker specifically to the care and control of Mount Barker Rehabilitation Centre Inc. for the purpose of providing accommodation and respite facilities for severely disabled people in the Adelaide hills area.

Mission Statement

To enable and empower independence by providing infrastructure that allows for support, accommodation, and respite in our community.


Who We Are

The members of Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled Inc. are the members of St Mark’s Lutheran Church Mount Barker Inc.

Our History

Over many years Mt Barker Rehabilitation Centre (MBRC) and its following group Tyntynder Housing Cooperative tried valiantly to obtain assistance from authorities to fulfil Betty’s wishes. In 2002 after many years of heart ache and disappointment the organisation called Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled Inc. was constituted.

Finally after some time of frustration and uncertainty concept approvals were gained from local authorities to rezone the land residential and proceed to supply the Mount Barker District Council with possible future use of the land which Betty had bequeathed specifically to disability in the care of MBRC, and later through their handing the land to the care of Betty’s brothers and subsequently St Mark’s church members.

A developer was already engaged by the former group by the brothers of Betty to subdivide the land into residential housing. This included provision for facilities for the accommodation, respite, training and development for disabled people as is the mission of HVLSD. With the proceeds of the sale of the residential allotments, capital was made available to commence the long delayed construction of facilities for the disabled. All planning progressed in association with other authorities also working in the area of disability services. HVLSD can now fulfil its mission to provide the facilities to enable the care for disabled people to be provided in the Mount Barker area in a viable manner into the extended future.

It was not until 2009 that HVLSD Inc. proposals were passed by the MBDC and work could begin on finalising Betty’s wishes on a section of the land.  The Council declared the land division to be completely commercial and no concessions for disability were allowed or assisted by the Council.

A mission statement was later published to outline HVLSD Inc.’s intention in proceeding after approval was received. This was delayed by several years of negotiations following the State Governments opening up of Mount Barker to become a housing development to cater for Adelaide growing residential needs.

Our Current Work

We work in a consortium arrangement with Hills Community Options Inc. who provide the programmes and select the clientele needing accommodation, respites services and day options programs.  The residential management services are provided by Cornerstone Housing Ltd.

Our Future

The five allotments retained by HVLSD Inc. were utilised for disability assistance building built as residential houses.  Two blocks were sold to fund the erection of buildings on the remaining allotments. These were the first completed specifically to assist brain disabled clients.  The second allotment saw the construction of a six bedroom house for respite care.  The remaining allotment contains two houses for day to day care and community involvement.

Upon the completion of the Community Centre in April 2015, the project as initially envisioned has been fulfilled. Opportunities in the future will be assessed as to how our role of providing infrastructure for the benefit of the disabled in this community can be improved and extended.

This is now the future vision of HVLSD Inc. to further much needed facilities to cover the need of the community in the future


Q: How have you been able to get this up and running?

With the proceeds of the sale of the residential allotments, capital was made available to commence the long delayed construction of facilities for the disabled.

Q: How much government money has been involved?

This whole project has been provided with no Federal or State Government financial support whatsoever. In fact as a Public Benevolent Institution we have still had to pay full GST on the total cost of the construction of all the buildings, an amount of over $170,000 for GST alone. Currently the completed infrastructure is valued at $3.4M

Q: How do you find the funds to do this?

From early days a few dedicated people have regularly sold vegetables and fire wood to raise enough money to pay rates etc.

Over the last 15 years there has been over $80,000 raised in this manner.

In addition several generous donations have been received from donors wishing to support the work Hill View is pursuing.

Q: How can people support this work?

All donations are tax deductible.

Monetary donations can be arranged by direct debit to the
HVLSD Gift Fund 

BSB 704-942     Mt Barker HVLSD      Account number 52965 S2

or the Bettybility Trust Fund

BSB 704-942     Mt Barker HVLSD      Account number 52965 S3

Alternatively cheques can be sent to

Box 836, Mount Barker SA 5251.


Bettys House of Respite

1 Lehmann Court
Mount Barker SA 5251

Assisted Care Residences

Units 1-4 of 8 Lehman Court
Mount Barker SA 5251

Hill View Community Centre

6 Withers Court
Mount Barker SA 5251

Operating Hours       24/7


From Sims Road turn into Jenkinson Drive, then right into Lehmann Court or left and then turn right into Withers Court for the Community Centre.


Parking is permitted in Lehmann Court except in the cul de sac as marked by the yellow line.




Hill View Lutheran Services to the Disabled Inc.,    Box 836 Mount Barker SA 5251


0408 857 153

 Board Members 2022

Back L-R: Val Schild, James Ziersch, Jane Hill, Angela Strauss (Secretary).

Front: Paul Andrejic (Treasurer), Judith Paech (Secretary), and David Schild (Chairperson)